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What is going on here?!

Hi. You can call me Des. I’m a twenty-something who’s awfully close to be being a thirty-something. I was born and raised in Sacramento, went to college in Santa Barbara, dropped out of college, moved to Paris for year, came back, moved to San Francisco, fell in love, moved near the beach, had a baby, moved back to Sacramento, and bought a house. I’m still not done unpacking.

I work from home, writing code and pushing pixels by day and night. I try to keep my life filled with the good things: tacos, cats, iced coffee, YA fiction, sarcasm, and lots of cuddling. It’s going well.

Mostly, I enjoy making beautiful things. Usually that means websites. Sometimes it means photographs or business cards or jewelry or art or clothing or whatever else is tickling my fancy at the moment.

But this is the best thing I’ve made so far:

He is a boy/wild-bundle-of-energy named Ezra. He’s probably the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, I know. I know. He likes cheese and chasing the cats and hugs and screaming at the top of his lungs. He loves trains.

This is the guy who helped co-create the baby:

His name is Cris. There are a lot of really great things I could say about him, but the most important ones are that he smells good and he makes amazing guacamole. I like him a lot, except for the all the snoring. We’ve been together for a million years and we’re totally gonna get married one day, just as soon as we win the lottery. Until then, we live in blissful sin with the kiddo and these two punks:

Ollie likes getting in the way, laying on your butt, and making you trip when you’re walking down the stairs. Miette likes cowering in fear whenever she sees or hears anything. They’re psychotic cats, but they’re my psychotic cats, so they get a pass.