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Free Download: Social Media Icons (Glitter vs Watercolor edition!)

42 comments ♥ Aug 17, 06:05 AM

I’m slowly working on a digital shop of goodies, but I’m feeling generous today, so I’m releasing two mini sets of pretty social media icons, just for you!

download here: sparkle icons

download here: watercolor icons


free download: DO IT NOW print

3 comments ♥ Apr 2, 05:56 AM

download here: 8×10 pdf or 1200×900 jpg


free download: Herringbone Patterns

60 comments ♥ Mar 29, 12:54 PM

download here: herringbone patterns

Hey, look, I made you a present: a bunch of herringbone patterns! Exciting, no? In addition to the .pat file for Photoshop, I’ve included 15 100×100 png images for blog/twitter backgrounds. Or, you know, whatever. Enjoy!


{freebie!} Chevron & Zig Zag Photoshop Patterns

8 comments ♥ Jan 11, 09:23 PM

Chevron patterns, you guys. I’m so trendy! (Or, uh, I would have been trendy like six months ago, whatever.) I’ve been working on a perfect pattern for a client project and I ended up with quite a few that didn’t make the final cut. Nothing too fancy here, but I didn’t want all my hours of sweat and blood and tears to go to waste, so I figured I’d pass them on. Credit appreciated, but not necessary. I’d love to see a link to anything you make with these!