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Free Download: Social Media Icons (Glitter vs Watercolor edition!)

42 comments ♥ 1682 days ago

I’m slowly working on a digital shop of goodies, but I’m feeling generous today, so I’m releasing two mini sets of pretty social media icons, just for you!

download here: sparkle icons

download here: watercolor icons


free download: DO IT NOW print

3 comments ♥ 1819 days ago

download here: 8×10 pdf or 1200×900 jpg


free download: Herringbone Patterns

60 comments ♥ 1823 days ago

download here: herringbone patterns

Hey, look, I made you a present: a bunch of herringbone patterns! Exciting, no? In addition to the .pat file for Photoshop, I’ve included 15 100×100 png images for blog/twitter backgrounds. Or, you know, whatever. Enjoy!


how to use clementine sketch without pissing me off

12 comments ♥ 1885 days ago

Clementine Sketch is a free handwritten script font. It’s a cute font. It has its uses, sure. But I keep seeing people using it incorrectly and it’s starting to make me angry. Yes, there are probably more important things I should be worrying about, but whatever.

Here’s the deal: Because this a connected script font but it’s no fancy opentype font, you’ve got to make the letters work for you. For the first letter of every word, use the capital letter form. At the end of every word, use a caret (shift + 6). If you’ve got a v or w mid-word, use a caret at the end of the letter preceding it.
So, instead of typing “codswollop!” you would type “Cods^wallop^!”
A little annoying, yes, but it keeps whatever you’re typing from looking all weird and cut-off. It’s worth it. Trust me.

And that concludes my little lesson/rant. Thanks for humoring me.


{freebie!} Chevron & Zig Zag Photoshop Patterns

8 comments ♥ 1900 days ago

Chevron patterns, you guys. I’m so trendy! (Or, uh, I would have been trendy like six months ago, whatever.) I’ve been working on a perfect pattern for a client project and I ended up with quite a few that didn’t make the final cut. Nothing too fancy here, but I didn’t want all my hours of sweat and blood and tears to go to waste, so I figured I’d pass them on. Credit appreciated, but not necessary. I’d love to see a link to anything you make with these!


{freebie!} December Desktop

Comment ♥ 1941 days ago
Hello, December! I think I’ll consider this the soft opening of this here new blog while I work out the rest of the details. A major focus in my life for the upcoming year is to consume less and create more. With that in mind, I’m kicking things off with a little freebie desktop download for your enjoyment, part of a new monthly feature. I think. I’m hoping tiny projects like this will get me out of the creative slump I’ve been in for the past, oh, two million years.
december desktop

download here: 1280×1024 // 1600×900