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Oh, April.

Comment ♥ Apr 5, 10:38 AM

So, I don’t think I really worked on any of my goals for March. March was crazy. Personal drama, work drama, family drama, health drama. The time we had planned to take off to work on the backyard and my office? Yeah, that didn’t happen. The backyard is still a big patch of mud and weeds. My office is still a big patch of unfiled papers and random crap. I did create a desk though. From a hollow-core door. One day I’ll pretty it up and let you see it.

So, I’m going to finish my office this month. And even if we don’t get around to making our patio, I really want to start a garden at least. I also want to take on the monumental task of organizing all my old photos, printing out photo books, and making backup cds. There’s probably no way that’s going to happen, but, hey, shoot for the stars, right?

Also? The gym. I joined the gym by my house last week. I plan on going MWF mornings after dropping Ezra off at daycare. I already blew yesterday because I had some work meeting in the AM. Shh, let’s just keep that between us.

I’m really hoping April turns out nicer than last month. I’ve got plans to make cinnamon rolls on Sunday so it can’t possibly be that bad.


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