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The Past Month According to Instagram

Comment ♥ 1742 days ago

When life gets busy, the busy…don’t get bloggin’? Someone suggested I write a post on balancing taking care of a kid, working full-time from home, and keeping up a blog. Which is pretty hilarious because obviously I have no clue. “Don’t even try” is the best advice I have to give.

Anyway, here’s what we’ve been up to lately…

mini house projects

sweet times with the kiddo

actual wedding progress!

crazy times with the kiddo

gettin' fat(ter)

nonstop baby kitty party


while the boys are away...

Comment ♥ 1847 days ago

A weekend alone while Cris takes the baby to SF to visit family. It sounds so luxurious. So much time, sweet precious time. Time to do all things that have been piling up. But then suddenly it’s 3AM and I realize I’ve spent the day in sweatpants and unwashed hair, binging on Grey’s Anatomy and French baguettes and stinky cheeses.

As much as I crave the quiet, alone time, I have to admit I’m awful at it. I flounder and waffle about. I don’t know what do with myself. The house is large and quiet and there isn’t a little tyrant ordering me about. I think of all the things I could do, so many things!, and I get a little lightheaded. It’s too much. The ADHD kicks in and it’s all over. Forty-eight hours of relaxing and running some leisurely errands and not much else. The desk didn’t get built. The work project didn’t get completed. There was certainly no mopping going on. I missed my people too much and I felt like a lazy lump.

But I think I’m okay with that.


winter always wins

Comment ♥ 1889 days ago

As of right this moment, there are 9,000 things on my teuxdeux list. They keep adding up, they keep not getting crossed off.

Winter. It’s hard.The days are so short, so looooong. I drop the kiddo off at daycare and think of all the things I’m going to get done, look at me!, so productive! But it’s cold and I didn’t quite get enough sleep and just a little break won’t hurt anything, right? The couch and the fuzzy blanket and the crappy teen supernatural dramas. They take over. Sometimes there’s a warm vanilla latte and a cat snuggled up on my lap. On those days, there’s really no hope for me. Everything is dim and cozy. Keeping things dim and cozy becomes more important than designing or coding or having a clean house or blogging or photographing or anything.


Mama! Mama! Mamamama! he shouts when I pick him up. He throws his arms around me and starts talking away, so fast he can’t keep up with himself, tripping over his words. Train! Play! Boys! Share! Paint! Crying! Run! Jump! Daycare!

He doesn’t care about cozy or dim. He cares about runningjumpingscreamingsplashingthrowinglaughingplaying.

I spend the afternoons split between finally working and trying to keep him entertained without the tv. One hand playing trains, the other hand typing away. Reading a story while folding laundry. Running around in circles in between emails. It’s all a balancing act.

I’m so bad at balance.


He opens the door and laughs. It’s cold! Cold, mama! Cold, dada! He runs to the closet. Hat on! Sweater on! he demands. He wears the raccoon hat everywhere. He loves the rain on his face. He loves splashing in puddles. He thinks wind is hilarious. He cuddles under blankets and asks me to read certain stories so he can point at the pages with rain or snow. So excited, always, about everything. So happy.

Maybe it’s okay if winter wins.


Happy Tuesday

Comment ♥ 1895 days ago

Big plans for the three-day weekend were sidetracked when we realized it was cold and we were lazy. There was lots of lounging around in pajamas and taking naps and playing at parks and being major good-for-nothing bums. I invited my family over for dinner on Sunday night and then Ezra spent the night with them, so there was even one glorious morning of sleeping in until almost 10. Pure magic.

Good weekend, basically.