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how to use clementine sketch without pissing me off

12 comments ♥ 1885 days ago

Clementine Sketch is a free handwritten script font. It’s a cute font. It has its uses, sure. But I keep seeing people using it incorrectly and it’s starting to make me angry. Yes, there are probably more important things I should be worrying about, but whatever.

Here’s the deal: Because this a connected script font but it’s no fancy opentype font, you’ve got to make the letters work for you. For the first letter of every word, use the capital letter form. At the end of every word, use a caret (shift + 6). If you’ve got a v or w mid-word, use a caret at the end of the letter preceding it.
So, instead of typing “codswollop!” you would type “Cods^wallop^!”
A little annoying, yes, but it keeps whatever you’re typing from looking all weird and cut-off. It’s worth it. Trust me.

And that concludes my little lesson/rant. Thanks for humoring me.